August 15th 2009 - Well, although I said I wouldn't update this, I'd like to apologise if people have tried to contact me and I've let emails slip. A death in the family and my wife developing a very serious illness straight after, have meant things have been turned upside down a bit. Getting things back in order now, hence the update. Character of the Week on CONCEPT ART .org has kind of kept me sane.

December 2nd 2008 - This will be my last update in the news section. I shall put news and anything remotely interesting on my BLOG from now on. I intend to completely revise this website this year. So there are changes afoot. Best wishes, Aly.

May 24th 2008 - A few new ones in the gallery. I had an image selected for inclusion in SPECTRUM Lucy Westenra, which is in the gallery. Personally a real achievment, and something I'm very proud of. :)

March 28th 2008 - Long time since an update. Put some stuff in the gallery, and I have another exhibition of work at Taurus Bar in Manchester all through April. New stuff and some old as well (to fill in the gaps!) I'll update with some more info soon but I'm off t'bed in a mo! But I have a blog now:

Port Out Starboard Home

November 17th 2007 - More Characters of the Week, and a couple of personal things in the gallery, including an image from an ImagingFX workshop. Trying desperately to get on with my own projects at the moment... Argh!

May 26th 2007 - A gallery update with various Characters of the Week from CONCEPT ART Every time I think I'm free to get on with my own stuff I get inspired by this weekly challenge! Doh! And in other news I shall be shortly featured in Advanced Photoshop magazine with a gallery of stuff. I'm also contiuing to submit the occasional Q&A in ImagineFX, time permitting. Looking forward to being able to post some of my character work on 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End', the game. So watch this space! ;)

March 16th 2007 - For once I have some real news! A friend saw my work and recommended me to a guy who runs a bar in Manchester (Taurus Bar) and has small art exhibitions. Well I have a few paintings running there through May! The details are on the flyer on the splash page of the website, so if you're in Manc any time in May, pop in and have a gander!

On another note, if you've sent me an email and I haven't got back to you, I apologise. I've been getting an enormous amount of Spam in my inbox from people with little better to do, so it may have been overlooked.

February 3rd 2007 - Happy New Year! Latest Thunderdome pic in the finished gallery! ;)

December 12th 2006 - Bit of a while since my last update. A few personal health problems, and busy things in my life have conspired against me! However I thought I'd post my most recent pieces that I can show. Two works in the gallery; both Thunderdome entries on Concept Art. Hopefully I'll make a bigger update in the New Year. Have good hols! And in the words of the late great Dave Allen; Good Night and may your god go with you! ;)

July 15 th 2006 - Gallery updated with my current Thunderdome entry; 'The Demise of Lavinia King', a slightly dodgy attorney. I'm going to be doing a number of Pin-Up pieces over the coming months, so expect a few updates with cheesy pics of girls in unlikely situations a la Gil Elvgren! Also I'll be doing a couple of Q&A sessions in ImagineFX, which you can find in all good newsagents ;)

May 24th 2006 - The result of a tutorial for ImagineFX magazine is now in the gallery, Astarre. I've found no time to get on with my entry for the 'Journey Begins' challenge on CGTalk sadly, so hopefully the next one will prove more productive. I've been working on a lot of character designs for my employer at the moment, and producing stuff which is outside my normal style and approach, so watch this space! :)

March 25th 2006 - Two new pics in the Gallery. An old one I played with a bit, and the cover of ImagineFX April edition, of which the details are under the pic! Also a few things in the Old Work Gallery, which is mainly where old pics go when I don't know where else to put them. Been a funny week this week, but I recommend going to see 'V for Vendetta' if you get the chance, a superb movie. Also one of my pics has made it into the next Expose from Ballistic publishing; 'Daisy the Driller', which is nice ;)

This week I have mostly been listening to Goldfrapp, Rammstein and Andy Williams, and have just picked up stuff by Swans and The Dresden Dolls.

March 19th 2006 - Tidied up the gallery a bit, and added a couple of pics. I think a major re-design will be coming up soon, as it's all getting a bit 'bitty'! I've entered the 'Journey Begins' CGTalk challenge, but as usual I've had loads of other stuff come in as I get started on it... ho hum! I can also recommend a new magazine that's come out here in the UK, called ImagineFX, from Future Publishing. I got a page in the gallery in issue 1! Whooppee!

February 6th 2006 - I've put my Nancy in the finished gallery! Hehheh! Another Character of the Week piece. There's a step by step as well, although this isn't quite finished yet. I want to do more with the BG and the costume. :

January 27th 2006 - Another update in t' finished gallery. Chantelle from Big Brother! A weird one from me, but I'm thinking of doing Victoria Beckham next! :)

January 17th 2006 - A new year and another Thunderdome piece in the finally finishied gallery. A bit gory, so beware! :) I've also put some of the roughs for my unfinished Spectacular Challenge piece in the roughs section. :)

December 14th 2005 - Another update the finally finished gallery with three more new pics. Well I didn't get the Spectacular finished in the end. I got distracted with other work, and I was busy other places with other committments, BUM! I'll try to finish it some other time, just for myself. :)

November 14th 2005 - Updated the finally finished gallery with three new pics. Things are going a bit sluggish with the Spectacular Challenge on CGTalk. It ends in three weeks, and I've been busy with other things, so I don't think I'm going to get the pic I wanted to do done. Time to rethink. :)

September 24th 2005 - I've entered the CGTalk 'Spectacular' challenge, so have added a couple of the rough character designs to Gallery 2; the sketches page... I also finished the WIP, 'The Dark Winter', which is now in Gallery 1. Not a complete success... something of a curates egg... However, I've got another WIP up now, but this one will be a bit sluggish as Ive lots to do in the challenge! :)

August 03rd 2005. Added a WIP in the... WIP section! I'll update it from time to time ...

July 26th 2005. Added some old character designs to the Finished Gallery, and fixed some of the links in the 3D gallery. As yet I haven't had a chance to finish off my Addams Family series, as other stuff has been a'callin', but more bits and bobs should be up soon...

July 06th 2005. You know, sometimes the Universe throws you toffees when you least expect them. I was feeling a bit down about my 'art' after getting no-where in the Master and Servant competition on CGTalk, as I guess everybody who didn't make it does. Well, I've managed to get three images in 'Aphrodisia', the book being published later this year by Aristata Publishing. Which is nice!!:)

June 26th 2005. Slight update... Added the Sketches Gallery, and put some work in the 3D gallery, but not all the links work yet. Basically an early generic model of Lady Frances Drake. This may get done, but I've got other things I'm concentrating on at the mo... I've also moved the model work that was in the Finished Gallery into the 3D section as well. Each time I update the galley, I'll put a new pic on the front page; not always the current WIP though. I've also changed the BG colour to make the text more legible. A couple of people have commented that it's a bit difficult to read.

June 19th 2005. After lots of dithering and general procrastination, I've finally got round to getting a website together. But you kind of know that seeing as you're looking at it...!

There's not really a lot to look at yet, - just girls! :) - but I hope to be regularly updating it, at least with any news, and occasional bits of artwork. The sketches and 3D section will probably arrive in the next few days, but the links are blank at the moment... sorry! It might get a major re-design when I get the hang of more of the web-building options I have at my fingers!

Latest new is I entered the Master and Servant challenge over on CGTALK, which was great fun and made me some good mates, along with pushing myself a bit with my art, even if it was girlies again... hehe! The pic is the first link in the GALLERY, and is called Bad Kitty! And I've also entered another Thunderdome on CONCEPT ART, where the Brits are reliving the War of Independence with Washington State!

I hope to be selling prints soon, so if you'd like one of any of the pics here, let me know. I hope to have them available on glossy, matte or canvas (which'll be quite pricey I reckon). They'll be available through Paypal. I'll keep you posted! :)

Sorry for the limited amount of stuff, but there'll plenty more soon, so keep a look out! :) And I'll try to get a guestbook up and running as well.

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